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Interpreting, Translating, Language Courses
E-R-D = English - Russian - German

Details on the activities of individuals may be provided as the need arises. Interpreting and Translating
They make use of our language services mainly with regard to letters from or to acquaintances / relatives / administrative organs in the UK / Germany or to Russia or other countries of the former Soviet Union (CIS / GUS).
Interpreting is needed in various matters including investigations and court hearings. The cases range from ordinary disputes to criminal cases and white collar crime. Occasionally our services are required by lawyers / barristers and on a regular basis by very different police and civil investigation departments, by public prosecutors and by various courts of law in the region (i.e., in the Midlands (UK) and in the Rhine-Neckar triangle and beyond (Germany). Translational work includes business contracts, various writs and decisions of court, forms, letters and offical requests going to courts abroad e.g. in the USA, Ireland, Russia, Kasachstan etc.
Small and medium enterprises as well as international corporations took advantage of our language servises (interpreting, translating, language courses). Most of them reside in the UK and Germany. However, we works also with companies in other countries, e.g. Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, USA and countries like Russia and Kasachstan. The interpretational services required our presence at the companie's and abroad up to countries as distant as Mexico.
Interpretations were provided at board meetings, business negotions, seminars, visits on-site etc. Similarly broad is the range of translations including simple business letters, labour contracts, contracts on cooperations, exploration work, licences, technical manuals etc. (NON-) GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATIONS
Various local institutions and communities up to ministries and international organisations in the UK, Germany and abroad made use of our language services (interpreting for visitors, at meetings, conferences etc.). The translations required range from simple letters up to official speeches and sophisticated legal, technical and scientific texts.
Our interpreters have considerable experience of working far from their home bases. They have accompanied delegations / individuals on trips to Germany (frequently), the United Kingdom (frequently) and to Belgium (1995, 1996), France (1993, 1994, 1996, 1999), Kazakhstan (1993), Mexico (1991), the Russian Federation (Moscow 1992; the Urals for several times from 1994 to 1997; St. Petersburg almost regularly), Sweden (1996), the Ukraine (1989).
"Chernobyl" by V.M. Chernousenko (Springer, Heidelberg New York 1991);
"Nonlinearities in Action" by A.V. Gaponov-Grekhov and M.I. Rabinovich" (Springer, Heidelberg New York 1992);
"The Quantum Generation" by M. Ryutova-Kemoklidze (Springer, Heidelberg New York 1993) Television & Cinema
On various occasions we provided language services to different companies and festivals.
As the need arises more details may be provided.

Language Courses
The experience includes clients from industry preparing their staff for the adventure of working in Russia, local authorities and individuals. The languages taught were English, Russian, German. Here we name only academic institutions. On request we could naturally be more explicit. ASTON UNIVERSITY (Birmingham / UK), Slavonic Seminar.
RUSSIAN to second and third year students; Russian language and Soviet culture like "Social and political culture in the Soviet Union"; April 1984 to June 1985.
BIRMINGHAM UNIVERSITY (UK), Department of Russian Language and Literature.
RUSSIAN language, literature and related topics to students of this department; 1974 until 1997.
HEIDELBERG UNIVERSITY (Germany), Department for Translating and Interpreting
RUSSIAN for students working towards degrees as interpreters and as translators; 1987 till 1996.
LENINGRAD STATE UNIVERSITY (now: University of St. Peterburg; Soviet Union / Russia), English Department
ENGLISH to students of linguistics, interpreting and translating; 1972 till 1973.
MANNHEIM UNIVERSITY (Germany), Department for Slavonic Studies / Business Administration
RUSSIAN to students of Slavonic studies and to those of economists; 1988 till 2001.
MODENA University (Italy)
ENGLISH F.L.; 1967 till 1969.
BUSINESS ENGLISH and COMPUTING for to-be real estate agents and house managers; since 1998.

Project Management / Organisational Support
University of Birmingham (UK), "Armenian Project" of the Department of Civil Engineering: Correspondence, local paper work and administration; administrative and Russian language skills were essential (1998 - 2000).
Research Center Karlsruhe (Germany): 1996 to 1997 support of local structure in organisational preparation, actual conference, preparation and publication of the proceedings ("Techno-Ecology", E. Gabowitsch (Ed.), Hefter-Verlag 1997), Conference "Environmental Situation in the Former Soviet Union" held at the Research Center Karlsruhe (Germany); administrative, computational and language skills (English, Russian, German) were equally important.

As the need arises we can provide you with further details. Drop us a line.
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