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Interpreting, Translating, Language Courses, our Team
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  Interpreting (Definitions: consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, escort interpreting)
Business meetings and negotiations, mediation for training courses, seminars and conferences (mostly simultaneous interpreting), interpreting for on-site visitors and at meetings of the board of directors, court hearings...
these are examples of the areas in which we have extensive experience.
Please specify your needs to enable us to tell you to what extent we can be of use to you.
Do call us and discuss your individual needs - in particular if your plans are not yet finalised.
Depending on the situation we may also provide (language and organisational) support in the preparatory phase of your meeting, conference, training courses. Written Translations (as well camera-ready manuscripts or final products like printruns, ready CDs or web sites)
Business and personal correspondence, writs, contracts, application forms, technical manuals, seminar handouts etc. etc.
We have handled anything from one-line communications to full- length books.
Do not hesitate to call and discuss your needs, in particular if they are not yet quite clear. Adequate planning and preparation could save you time and money.
Remember that we can help not only with translations but also in the preparation of documents, in the pre-press stage and that we can even provide you with the final publication (printrun, CD, website...). Language Courses (English, Russian, German) Training courses for individuals as well as for companies * one- to-one or group language courses * pure language courses and courses including information on country, culture, market and people * courses from school level up to university / management level.
All our permanent members of staff have a long-standing record as qualified language teachers (some of them cover in addition to that subjects out of the worlds of economy, computing and sciences). So far we have the proven competence and flexibility to meet all demands of our clients. Thus we are optimistic that we could be of use to you and your team too.
Our Team
Each permanent member of our team is a native speaker of one of our three main languages and has studied / worked and lived a considerable time abroad (thus having gained solid practical experience in one or two of the other languages / cultures). All of them have graduate and post-graduate qualifications (up to a Ph.D.) in linguistics and / or other areas - e.g. management, engineering, physics. Each team member is an experienced teacher having taught at university level as well as in various other institutions - in schools and colleges, in industrial and Civil Service training - altogether in four different countries.
Naturally, if demanded by time or specific requirements then qualified and experienced external colleages are called upon to supplement our permanent team. Thus we can adjust ourselves to the needs of our customers.
Under the heading "On work done previously" you find remarks on the activities of the E-R-D team. Though incomplete, it may be sufficient to give you a first impression of E- R-D' s activities. When demand arises we can naturally provide you with more details on the activities of individual members of our team.
Do call or mail and introduce yourself and discuss possibilities.
On work done previously
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