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simultaneous, consecutive, escort INTERPRETING;
TRANSLATING of letters, contracts, manuals, CD-ROM, web sites, technical specifications...  
up to the camera-ready manuscript, final printrun, CD-ROM or web site
You have a specific need and also experience in working with interpreters and translators? Then you may contact us directly using one of the addresses given below. Should you first require some information on interpreting and translating then please have a look at the following pages. - Maybe you would prefer to find out with whom you are dealing and what exactly the services are that we offer?

What else do you find on this web site?
At the end of each page you get the possibility to go the entrance of the (D)German section or to one of the other sections referred to below.
   The section FAQ, formal stuff, forms contains a list with answers to frequently asked questions with regard to interpreting, translating and language courses. Information on formal aspects of the business is added (including our general terms of business). In the course of time a couple of forms will be added.
A most important point refers to confidential electronic communication. For that purpose we have established a trust center with Hefter-Verlag for our partners. Please to have a look at the information provided there. In the course of time we will at that place add still further information (or relevant links) that is continuously updated. Information is a very precious business asset which has to be safe-guarded.
   Case studies & background information contains examples provided by life, funny and sad ones, such that did not have any consequences and others involving losses of millions. They illustrate the unexpected and costly results that may arise as a consequence of relying on amateurs, of overburdened / careless managers / interpreters / translators. Hints are to be added to make managers / authors aware of the point that their behaviour and their work may create the conditions for a still more effective and qualitatively better interpreting and translating at lower costs - in the interest of all parties involved. In various branches of trade and industry it is common knowledge that kind and quality of the raw materials have a sustainable effect on cost intensity of the production and quality of the final product.
   Interpreting and translating is not equivalent to the direct translation of individual words. Without any knowledge of the context it is at least problematic. The same holds for a successful and effective cooperation with partners from other cultures speaking a different language from yours. And even more for an economic presence on foreign markets. We would like to make an attempt to provide some support in this respect too:
In the section useful information and news we collect information and news regarding particular aspects of computing, information technology, data security, viruses and with regard to Russia / CIS and Germany particulars on the countries and people, on legislation, taxes, economy etc. We try to provide fresh and novel informationen that might serve to supplement the basis for your decisions with regard to these topics.
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