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Interpreting, Translating, Language Courses
English - Russian - German

English - Russian - German. Though these are our basic languages, we would naturally do our best to help you in cooperation with qualified colleagues as well with other languages should the need arise (e.g. Spanish, French, Polish, Ukrainian).
  • Consecutive interpreting: Interpreting into the target language is done with some time delay. The speaker presents a short passage (in the ideal case a sentence) and waits then for the interpreter to transfer that bit into the target language. In such a case it has to be borne in mind that the anticipated time for the speaker has to be doubled. This type of interpreting is particularly useful for shorter speeches, such as a dinner address, a brief introduction of a person or topic etc.
  • Simultaneous interpreting: The presentation of the speaker (e.g. at a meeting) is translated without any time delay. The interpreter sits in a soundproof box from which he or she can see the audience and speaker. Via earphones he follows the speech, interpretes it immediately and transmits it via microphone to the audience. As a rule the interpreters work in pairs for one language pair and have to be exchanged after agreed time intervals.
  • Escort interpreting: Consider visitors on your premises or you yourself being on a business trip abroad: the interpreter would accompany the respective partner and - depending on situation and demands - either translate simultaneously (whisper) or consecutively. Depending on the duration it is in such cases usual to work per language pair with a team of two interpreters.
  • Camera-ready manuscript: In the publishing business that term denotes manuscripts which meet the demands of the production department so that they may immediately be sent to the printers. Initially reference was made to hard copies only. By now many printing houses are able to print directly out of postscript- or PDF-files. Thus this term is frequently used in a wider sense covering electronic manuscripts as well.
  • Printrun: Refers to the total number of copies of a particular piece of literature as printed and delivered to the publisher by the printers. Pictorially it means the huge piles of printed books delivered to the publisher, say. By extension it can also mean that you as our customer will not receive a manuscript with the final translation but the required total number of the final material: books, brochures, manuals, etc.
  • CD: Based on the original text in the source language we could perform the translation, according to your wishes process the data still further to compile a final CD in the target language. We could also get the CD printed in the numbers required by your company. We could then directly provide you or the recipients specified by you with the desired number of final CDs.
  • Web site: According to your specifications we use the initial material in the source language to provide the translation. We then follow the existing layout of your website to incorporate the translated pages into the offline version of your web site (or add a new section for the target language), test the design and the functionality of the links and - if desired - upload the final version into your life web site. If desired then we would also be ready to create you a completely new web site including registration of the domain etc.
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